Detalhes que fazem a diferença


Uma bela colcha pode dar um up na decoração de qualquer quarto!


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  1. Iron Dome is great and may one day save Israel from a serious missile attack (possibly nuclear).There will never be peace as long as Mohammedanism exists, or at least till it is SEVERELY and mercilessly chastised.

  2. beh andrea…prima mi faccio un’overdose di antiemetici e poi si può fare :)non è che soffro di vertigini…è che prima di abituarmi alla quota e alla fifa rischierei di vomitare l’anima lol

  3. It is not that hard… You only need to have some knowledge in ideals and rings to understand it, and these notions are taught in 3rd year of university. Some vignettes require a little effort !

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